Waist beads are very common but they have a lot of mysteries involved around why they are worn.

Well, worry no more I finally have the answers as to why lasses wera them and what the colours and lengths of each signify.

Here some of the reasons women give as to why they wear the beads around their waist. In case you thought its just for decorative purposes, be ready to be shocked.

1. Sexual Intimate Appeal

I don’t know what form of sorcery gets to men when a lady bends to pick something and they see the shanga. From that sight, the guy has already undressed you and seen the bedrock activity lit!

2. Virginity symbol

Some women say that they were taught that they are a sign of virginity. In the African society having the shanga around your waist meant the blushing damsels are virgins and so men would know how to approach them.

3. Some women use them as an instrument in losing weight.

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This is the cheapest way to know your weight loss or gain, journey. Also back in the day since there were no sticks to pee on, in case the beads burst out, you would definitely tell it’s not a bloated stomach but a baby on board.

4. They are worn as a sign of maturity.

Throughout several communities in Kenya, belly beads have been used to adorn girls and women and indicate how they have matured and grown.

5. Protection from negative energy

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In case you feel like there is someone out there to bring some negativity or bad omen, the waist beads came through. They would be prayed for then a lady would wear it to keep those evil spirits away.

6. They are worn to boost confidence.

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This one speaks more to the sexually confidence of many women who wear waist beads. Yaani your sexual prowess is boosted with the strings of beads round their waist. Apparently, they are able to prolong sexual activities.

7. For decorative purposes

Some women just feel the beads look good around their waist so why not.

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