Domestic violence was first reported in Nyeri but it has spread to its environs.

There is no better term to refer to an act where someone you have been living with or rather known for sometime comes with boiled water in a thermos and pours it on you.

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Peter Waithaka a middle-aged man from Kang’oo village in Gatundu North Sub County is recovering from serious burns after the love of his life poured hot water on his chest after a love dispute.


Kuna shida hapa! This lady could have just talked with him or left instead of baptizing his chest na maji moto.

Speaking to a Star newspaper reporter Waithaka says she confronted him in a local pub since she suspected him of having a mpango wa kando.

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‘Nyambara came as I was taking my beer at a local bar and started shouting at me; I asked her to leave me alone and as I took more beer with my friends, she went to her house, boiled water and using thermos carried the hot water to where we were. She splashed the water on my chest unexpectedly. She is suspecting that i have another girlfriend and that, prompted the row,’ narrated Waithaka.

Luckily he was rushed to a nearby health facility and his wounds are better now. The girlfriend has since vanished from the neighborhood since the villagers are after her.

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This is not the first drama she has been involved in narrates a local.

‘The young lady is a no go zone. He is ever in fights with us but the Waithaka’s incident was extreme. We are warning her to continue hiding because we will not allow her to reside in our peaceful village,’ said John Mwangi,’ a resident.

This woman needs to be tamed before she pounces onto her next target.