A little fun once in a while has never hurt anyone, right? But it can get to a bad state if it becomes the norm or everyday activity. Yes, I’m talking about partying!

Ladies, we all want to find a man who will care and love us and maybe eventually settle down with us, but at the same time, you have to be careful with some of the things you do around him.

As much as guys love a girl who can party until the wee hours, it’s not necessarily one of the qualities they look for in a wife.

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While it’s fun to be with the life of the party when single, guys won’t be too keen on marrying someone who sleeps all day and parties all night.

When a man wants to commit, there are some things he considers in a woman because this is someone he will spend the rest of his life with and I don’t think anyone wants to be with a partner who has doubts.

One of the things that may make a man just be there for fun then eventually leave, is being too much of a party girl.

Yes, clubbing once in a while and drinking yourself silly when you finally your salary hits your bank account is not really an issue, the problem is when it becomes a hobby or it turns into a regular activity.

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Well, let’s take a look at why a man will never want to settle down with a party animal.

1. A Joker
A man just sees a party girl as a person who’s fun to hang out with and for good company, but for them, a party girl cannot settle down with one person or take family seriously, since she does not want to been tamed. Party girls come out as jokers who are not ready to settle down.


2. No Support
For a man, they don’t see how you will be a pillar of support for him or for a family when all you think about is a ladies night out, funky Fridays and always waiting for the weekend to go and club hop all night long. A man needs a woman who will help him build himself or themselves up in their careers and one who can help him make some serious decisions about life and family.


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3. Financial Planning
Imagine how much someone will spend on night outs and partying all weekend? How about doing it once in a while and saving the rest for something more valuable? A man will think of the future, because if a girl will end up spending like 10K in one night, what will happen when they get children and have a family? Will she be able to manage his cash or at least invest it on something useful?



4. Will She Be A Good Mother?
Trust men, when a man thinks of commitment, he thinks about having children too and how they will be raised. Is that party girl going to even endure 9 months without going out or drinking? And then if the child comes, will she hire a nanny to take care of the children because she is busy ‘out with the girls’? What kind of an example will she be setting for the children?


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5. No Trust
If a man cannot trust you, then there will be a big problem. It’s the same way women will have quarrels and fights with their men who are always out drinking and others don’t even come back home until the next day. If you are always out and about having fun in night clubs, the man may assume that you are sleeping with other men that you meet at the clubs when you are super high or have the assumption that there is a man who pays for those drinks in exchange for some good time, if you know what I mean. And we all know that commitment needs lots of trusts.


6. Partying Is Cliche
A party girl’s guide to having fun is just that, partying! Which means they don’t try out other ways of having fun like, picnics, movies, hiking, bungee jumping or find them boring. So if that man wants to do something different like just taking you out to a nice, candle-light dinner or golfing, or just relaxing at the beach, you will not give in. Mind you this are the fun things couples do.


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