Robert Burale

Pastor Robert Burale has a past. An interesting one, that involves strip clubs.

Pastor Burale is known as the stylish man of the pulpit thanks to his swag. He built his masses from dispensing advice to both women and men on relationship matters.

Recently, he warned, “Be careful who you trust …they all come packaged the same …it’s the inside that matters…”

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Pastor BuraleHis utterances are taken as the gospel truth. Women cling on to his every word with the hope of learning how to be good wife material.

Now, he has a book based on his life that will be launched soon. The title indicated that Pastor Burale may have spent a lot of time in the strip club. It is not clear if he was a customer or a service provider. We all have to wait and read the book once it is out.

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Talking about the book, Pastor Burale wrote on instagram:

“Sometimes The devil tries to remind you who you used to be ……. but STAND FIRM and move towards the mark of the HIGH CALLING …. A story about peeling my top layer and inviting you to see the good, the bad and the down right UGLY .. COMING SOON

Pastor BuraleFellow believers and non-believers commented, sample some of their thoughts.

annieuwineza: Oooh !!!Remind the devil where he belongs. And remember!! There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus. Let we enjoy freee Grace. Where I can find your book?

waggz_m angrily wrote, “From Strip club to pulpit my foot! I’d rather bow down to Satan than have u as a preacher! Looter! Find other means to make money and not selling phoney hope to ignorant masses!”

Pastor Burale

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raychellemusonye: If God had to consult with humans on who to call, anoint and use… few, very few would meet the cut. The counsel and wisdom of God is unmerited favor… so that no one can boast and should they, it will be in the Lord God and His doings. God’s excellence manifest in vessels of clay. Grace to you Man of God.

jacque_njoroge: How do we get the book? God bless you for being a living sacrifice. We look up to you.

trizaanastacia: Greatness. Super proud of you.

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