Over the recent weeks, a 19-year-old girl has been trending, albeit for what some may call it the wrong reasons.

She goes by the name Shakilla on Instagram where her live videos seemed to have brushed people the wrong way.

Xtian Dela, an influencer recently hosted her on his Instagram Live where the girl went on to drop names of celebrities she has allegedly smashed.

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Shakilla claimed to have slept with Otile Brown, KRG, Ringtone, Arrow Boy, Khaligraph Jones, Victor Wanyama and a governor!

Papa Jones distanced himself from these rumours and gave Shakilla two hours to retract her statement and apologize, which she did.

Wanyama also threatened to pursue legal action to protect his image, he put up a statement to that effect. This alone made a huge dent on her allegations.

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ShakillaNow there is no way of proving whether her claims are true but how many times have we seen this?

A girl comes out claiming to have had sex with a celebrity hoping to get some clout? A lot of socialites have used this shortcut to jumpstart their dreams to stardom.

Hudaah Monroe confessed to using her body to get money, Akothee too admitted to selling her couchie to foreigners.

Shakilla’s approach is bolder, on Xtian’s live she admitted that she is indeed a hoe. She claims these celebs paid her for sex, money which according to her went up to 700k.

This is a 19-year-old chile and if what she is saying is true then she has slept with more men than most girls her age. This girl has been clout chasing even before COVID – 19 hit Kenya.

About a month ago she claimed that Willy Paul tried to force himself on her, when Shakilla went to Pozze’s house.

Bottom line is Shakilla is just a young naïve girl who just wants to be famous but is going about it the wrong way.

Lying to people that you smashed someone is the lowest a human being can go, even if it’s for publicity stunts.

Khaligraph Jones is a public figure, a trusted brand with an image to protect, more importantly, he is a family man.

The kind of damage Shakilla’s accusations made sometimes is irreversible. This girl just wants attention, it’s a cry to be noticed. She has got it alright, but it’s the wrong kind of attention, she has already tarnished her name and no corporate brand will want to be associated with her.

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ShakillaThe question in everyone’s mind is, did she start prowling for celebrity attention as an underage? If so, she may have inadvertently ensnared some celebrities in legal problems that point to statutory rape. This is when a person has sex with a minor.

Teenagers love to be noticed, they always want to be relevant even in family settings. They rebel so that people know they are around. Some crave for attention so bad that in extreme cases they post nude pictures of themselves online.

You will gain nothing important by exposing your privates to thousands of people online. You are a girl in your 20s, you decide to post a nude picture of yourself on Instagram, it gets far much fewer likes than you were expecting and so you go into depression.

Young people in this generation always do things to impress other people; why do you seek approval that much?

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Shakilla and JalangoMost Millenials gauge approval with likes and comments, there is more to life than just Instagram likes. You can easily get approval without having to degrade yourself.

Let’s be frank here, yes times are changing but some things people do for attention is just stupid. Life is more than just getting people to like you. Making it in life (kuomoka) is not a competition, everybody is holding their own wild card, one day you will play that card and everything will change for you, it doesn’t matter if you are an entertainer or an office kinda person.

Do not be pressured into lowering your standards in the name of chasing your dreams, you will make it but with your wild card. Going live naked on Instagram is stupid, yes people will talk about you but after that then what?

Shakilla needs help, there is a better way she could have chased clout without dragging other people through the mud.

What is worse is that people were laughing and making fun of her, there is nothing there to laugh about. Most of the comments were vulgar with some saying ‘she is no longer a mtaro, sasa amekua SGR’. I am sure she read that and however much she is enjoying her newfound fame, some comments just hit you hard.

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ShakillaWe have made clout chasing so fun that people now would do anything to get it. I won’t lie clout can really boost your ratings especially in the entertainment scene but only if you play your cards right.

Before Vera Sidika nobody knew Otile Brown, he was doing well but after his entanglement, with Vera, he skyrocketed.

Otile even began doing shows in Australia and the US, something he had never dreamed of. What Shakilla is doing will make her famous but not popular, all that fame will not translate into the brand she thought she would make out of all this.

We all have our desires in life but in the middle of all these wants money is a requirement. However much we try to deny it money can bring a lot of joy into our lives if used well. It is a necessary evil, everybody wants it but since its rare people can to the unimaginable to get it.

If you have to lower your standards in order to achieve your dream then it was never your dream in the first place, you are just trying to live someone else’s dream.

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