Has Anerlisa Muigai parted ways with her Tanzanian husband singer Ben Pol or is their ‘break up’ just a publicity stunt? That’s what many are asking after the Keroche Breweries heiress unfollowed Ben Pol on Instagram and deleted all the photos they took together.

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Anerlisa, who used to flood our timelines with photos showering the Moyo Mashine hitmaker with praise for winning her heart, rarely posts nowadays. Could she be going through something?

Well, Anerlisa shared a snippet video believed to be from a popular Nigerian movie, leaving fans speculating she posted the video to get at Ben Pol, a father of one.

‘May All Women Be This Blessed 🙏’ she captioned the video.

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In the video, a man who claims to be rich approaches a woman and tells her he wants to marry to help them benefit from each other. He brags that he’s wealthy and asks her for a bank account. He wires her 300,000 Nairas (Ksh85,000).

‘What am I supposed to do with that? Should I use it to buy petrol for my car ir give my driver for the driver, or maybe change tyres? You’re funny,’ she posed.

When it’s her turn, she transfers 10,000,000 Nairas (Ksh 2,846,749) to his account, leaving him shocked.

.’.. Upgrade your car, take care of your wife at home and stop harassing young ladies, ‘ she told him before walking away to a Rolls Royce waiting for her.

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Check out reactions from her followers;

sheilamwanyigha 😹🙌🏽👊🏽

fatmaally82 So this is the reason 🙌🙌🙌🙌

michealsamsam Only in movies,women are too mean

mwai Feminists if only all of you were like her😂👀

shelly_magdalene Leo mjama ameshikwa anajionanga yeye ndio ako na pesa😂😂😂

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