A police officer was videos by Kenyan citizens after he shot a girl on her hand. This was after WizKid’s concert at the KICC.

A reveller who was at the scene followed the policeman and took videos.

Magunga Williams wrote on his social media, “F*ck it. Everyone I am trying to call is either mteja or not picking up. It is a Sunday, so I understand. But I am too livid to let this thing wait any longer.


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Police at Wizkid

Early this morning, a friend of mine George is leaving the Wizkid concert at around 4am. At the KICC gate right next to the City Hall, he and his friends witness a police officer shoot at a girl who was riding shotgun, for no reason at all.

At this point, they could have decided to run away like the rest of the people, but what happened next is something I consider brave. He and his friends confronted the policeman to ask why he did that. You will see it in the videos attached below. They confront him and try to force him to go to the police station and record a statement and that is when this policeman decides to threaten him saying “Nitakuua.” Watch it for yourself. This is a uniformed police officer being asked to account and instead decides to threaten the life of the witness.

Unfortunately George did not get to record the plate of the car or the girl who was shot.

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This police officer walked away, just like that, into Uhuru Park, and so my friend decided not to follow because it was already dark and they had already been told they would be killed if they persisted.

On the way back, George and his friends are arrested by other cops, who also threaten to kill them by saying that they are trying to incite the public against the Kenya Police. At the station, they are not charged with anything. Instead, their phones are confiscated and the videos in there deleted. Luckily, by the time they did this, he had already forwarded the video to his friends for safekeeping and backup.

This is the country we live in right now. Where police officers can just shoot people anyhow and literally walk away with it. Eye witnesses are arrested, harassed and their lives put at risk.

Police at Wizkid
I do not know whether this cop is going to face the full extent of the law. I have tried to reach to the human rights activists and lawyers in my contact list but nobody is online or available.

I wonder, when you watch this video, whether you see a kid who is trying to incite the public against an officer of the law. Or an uncelebrated hero who put his life on the line to show the rot in our police system. Who exactly is the criminal here?

Share away and let IPOA know who this copper is and what he did. This is not right.

Utumishi kwa wote indeed.”

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Here is what IPOA said about the above allegations.


Check out the video

Here is another video