The long awaited collaboration of 2017 is finally here!! Lady Jaydee plus H_art the Band equals to Rosella!

Lady Jaydee is known as one of the best East African female artistes and her new song dubbed Rosella, is simply amazing.

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Having collaborated with Kenya’s poetry and music group, H_art the Band this song is on a new level.

“LOVE is giving someone the POWER to destroy you but trusting them enough NOT to #RoseLLa . ..” H_art the band wrote.

H_art the band

There are two versions out, the acoustic and club version. Both are amazing, but we’ve got a recommendation for you; definitely the club version.

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Listening to it especially today will make your Monday feel like a Friday and the beats will keep you moving your head.

Rosella is from Lady Jaydee’s upcoming album titled “Woman” and it is definitely interesting and might make some of you guys hit up your exes!