Miss Chanty – Eric Omondi’s babe – is setting the record straight after witnessing two women gossip about her in a public restaurant.

Miss Chanty looking glorious courtesy of Bonfire adventures.

Seeing as she’s Italian, it is assumed she doesn’t understand Swahili. Shock on all of us, she is a very fluent Swahili speaker and she takes prides in knowing not only one language but 5.

The Italian beauty took to her Instagram and shared a video boasting that she can fluently speak Swahili, English, Kikuyu, Spanish and Italian.

Miss Chanty said:

one lady told her friend to speak in a lower tone so that I doN’T hear what they are saying. she responded saying no, Eric omondi’S girlfriend does not understand Swahili

Chantel looking glorious

To make matters worse, they stood up to greet her in English, but to throw shade, she responded in Kiswahili and the ladies were surprised asking her if she fluently speaks Swahili and she boldly answered that she does.

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Chantel and her Bae Eric

Miss Chanty went on to say:.

so next time when you see me and gossip about me in Swahili, be sure I can hear you