The drama queen

This is the type that always sees the negative on a lot of stuff and is quick to Attack. It is always about what sits well with them and not the other person. They seem to have self-esteem issues and would definitely beat up a female friend of yours just because that’s how they express themselves.

The insecure girl

This one is always snooping through your stuff– your phone. Always looking for something that will confirm or overrule their speculations. They are mostly not sure of what they want out of the relationship and guys would definitely not want to have that in their life.

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The babysitter girl

It is nice when a girl takes care of her man, but if she acts like she is his mom, then it can get a bit awkward. I am not saying guys don’t like to get spoiled, but if you overdo it, you are becoming more of a mother than a girlfriend. Do enough and let a man be.

The goal digger girl

This one is always here for the good stuff. The lavish life. Always looking out for what she wants. Never makes long term plans especially the ones that involve the partner. She is just there for the money and that’s it.

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The manipulative girl

Relationships should be something we enjoy being a part of, but if your girl manipulates you in any way, then it is already doomed to fail. The worst type of manipulation is the one regarding sex where your partner will withdraw sex until she gets what she wants.

The jealous girl 

A girl like this will see threats where they don’t really exist. This one will bring problems when she meets you with female friends and will definitely not understand when you try to explain.