Wanaume hii town wamezoea kulishwa na wanawake. It is all good though, as long as it is willing buyer willing seller arrangement. Here is a list of how you know you are a Ben 10, a fuck boy, a play thing for women. Yaani, kazi yako ni kuservice cougar.

WALE WABAYA! Nairobi Women Reveal The Most Common Fuckboy Names

They hang out in groups

Fuck boys always hang out in packs. They have friends who are as thirsty as they are. Because they all think the same, none of them can dare have an original thought. If they do, watatolewa kwa Ben 10 Sacco. And if you are chucked from the association, hunting will be hard for you.

They are flashy dressers

What is it they say about catching fish with shiny bait? Well, for these fuck boys, dressing to attract is on top of their priority. They will spend their meagre salary to buy mtumba design wear. Nguo ni pasi. Then they post photos of their various poses with the designs on their Instagram pages. And of course the ogo of your designer must be displayed in a very obvious position. Tunawajua.