The diamond in the spotlight

The African entertainment industry at large is something to write about. We have very many artistes who have made us proud, and they deserve all the support.

West African artistes such as Burna Boy, Davido and Tiwa Savage amongst others are some of the few artistes who have indeed put Africa on the world map, thanks to their hard work.

Well, in East Africa, there’s a group of musicians who have come out to prove that we are also talented, and Tanzania’s finest Diamond Platnumz and Uganda’s self-proclaimed music giant Jose Chameleone are among them.

The two have taken  East Africa’s music industry to another level.

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Well, below are five things Kenyan artistes should learn from Diamond Platnumz and Jose Chameleone.

  1. Creative

Kenyan music is absurd. They sing the same old songs and the only thing they change is the title, but the concept remains the same. When will you think outside the box and give us good music? You can’t prosper if you can’t be creative. We are tired of the same sh*t. Songs like ‘Dandia’, ‘Ugali’, ‘Moto wa Kuotea Mbali’ wachia makanga.  Wake up, guys.

2. Humble

Ego is what is killing Kenyan celebrities [Should I increase the volume?]. Most of them hustle their way up the ladder, but once they become famous, they let fame get to their heads and forget where they came from. Diamond Platnumz and Jose Chameleone are very humble despite the fame and money, but Kenyan celebrities with their meagre earnings, brag a lot as if they own the whole country. Always humble yourself before the Lord and you will prosper in life.

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3. Persistent

There are very few Kenyan artistes who are persistent. Once they release a song, and it is received well by their fans, they go underground for several years then come back thinking that they can still make it. Stop dreaming sweethearts, be persistent and you will enjoy the fruits of your labour.

4. Patient

Kenyan artistes are always in a rush to make money. Most of them sing nonsensical music that doesn’t sell. They run around like headless chicken complaining about MCSK royalties. Release good music and one day you will be like Diamond Platnumz and Jose Chameleone. Most of the successful people around did not make it in one day; they have worked so hard to be where they are now. So relax, patience pays.

5. Consistent

Success doesn’t come on a silver platter, but Kenyan artistes don’t seem to be aware of this. Be consistent in your music and everything will flow like honey. Diamond Platinumz and Jose Chameleone have been consistent in the music industry, and that’s why they have millions of fans across the globe.