The weekend is here and Kenyans are planning on going out partying after work, the question is how do you avoid getting drugged and robbed?

In Nairobi, nefarious characters have made it their goal to spike drinks of unsuspecting ravelers and rob them blind.

Drink spiking can occur wherever drinks are served, such as at nightclubs, parties, pubs, restaurants and private parties at homes.

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Drinks being spiked and drugs being used
  1. Get into the habit of never leaving your drink unattended.

Carry a friend or someone you trust to watch over your drink otherwise usishtuke ukijipata kwa mtaro.

2. Don’t accept a drink from someone you don’t know.

The temptation to accept free drinks is always there. But before you accept that drink think twice, you might end up in the wrong man’s bed.

For glasses, it’s advised to cover the tops with your hands to prevent people from slipping something into your drink without your knowledge.

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3. Party with trusted friends.

Discuss how you will watch out for each other while at the venue, this helps in ensuring that the drink and movements are monitored by your friends at all times.

4. Watch the bartender prepare your drink.

Not all bartenders are innocent some collude with some people in clubs to rob patrons so be careful. Trust no one.

5. Accompany the person to the bar if you do wish to accept the offer of a drink from a stranger. Take the drink from the bartender yourself.


Kenya’s national beer

6. Be on the alert if a stranger buys you a drink and it’s not the type of drink you requested.

Turn it down and do not bend just to please him.

7.  If you have to leave the table (to go to the toilet, for example), ask a friend to watch over the drinks. Buy drinks that come in bottles with screw-top lids.

8. Carry the bottle in your bag when you go to the toilet or have a dance, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t consume your drink if you think it may have been spiked. Discuss your concerns with the manager or host.

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Below is a list of drugs mostly used to drug people. Don’t be a victim

Scopolamine drug-mpasho
Scopolamine drug
Alpazolam drug- mpasho
Midazolam drug -mpasho
Drugs used to drug people in clubs and parties-mpasho
GHB drugging drug-mpasho
GHB Drug
Ecstasy ‘Molly”

Be alert, yo! And be safe.

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