Kenyan Sponsors vs Mafisi

Social media is slowly losing its meaning. Instead of people using it to socialise, it has been a marketplace and a meeting ‘place’ for relationship advisors. Nowadays women post their bedroom matters on social media just to get advice from the ‘relationship gurus’. Well, a Kenyan woman has shocked many after she revealed what she does behind closed doors with her man.

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The woman who seems to be in love with her Prince Charming, took to social media to expose him after he asked her to give him ‘goodies’. Nothing wrong with that right? Wrong as this time round, it was not the usual (p***y) he was asking for but anal sex.

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But ladies, why do you post such things on social media? Can’t you get a counsellor to talk to instead of exposing yourself in public?

“Aki mums mnikumbuke kwa maombi. Napanga kufunguliwa boot this weekend. Sponsor amekubali kubuy  nyumba hapa Mirema, Zimmerman plus 15 Million in return,” she posted.

Women, would you agree if your man asks you this? Here is the screenshot

Kenyan Woman

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