Domestic Violence

A family in Gilgil has appealed to the State to assist them to fly back their mother who has been held hostage by a recruitment agency in Saudi Arabia for the last three months.

According to the victim Ann Njeri, her efforts to return back to the country after fleeing from her employers home had become nearly impossible and she feared that she could be killed.

In a recorded audio and videos messages, hers is a story of pain torture and sexual abuse by people who she thought were of her help but have turned against her.

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In the video, Njeri who is already suffering from a fractured hand narrated how her life had been turned to the worse with constant beating, neglect and sleeping on the floor cold on hungry.

According to Njeri, her woes started in August last year when Nairobi based Aldarwiche Agency posted her to work in a home where one of the teenager sons was mentally unstable.

“At first I tried to cope with his status but he started beating me using all manner of weapons including knives and in the process, I got a fracture,” she said.

She said that after three months of sleeping on the cold and the beatings by the employer’s son, she escaped to the nearby police station where she was taken to the agency office.

This is where her woes literally doubled as she was allegedly sexually abused, beaten up and denied her return documents for failing to deliver.

“I was taken to one of the rooms where I was shocked to find over ten girls from different countries all locked in as they waited to be flown back to their countries,” she said.

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As per her recording, some staff from the officers tried to strangle her in one of the deserted roads but an approaching car saved her life.

“Please kindly help me return to my country as I fear this people might kill me anytime,” she said before breaking down as the recording ends.

Contacted on phone, the manager in charge of Aldarwiche Agency in Nairobi one Adil dismissed the workers’ suffering and allegations before disconnecting the phone.

“We deal with labor office and you can go enquire from them about our operations or write whatever you want,” he said before disconnecting the phone.

Back in the country, her twenty-year-old daughter Mary Wanjiru Muroki was all tears as she told of their suffering since the mother left.

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She said that she had been left to tender for her two younger siblings who were in school as she waited for her mother to return.

“Every time she calls me its tears of pain and the worst part is that there is nothing I can do apart from praying and seeking help from well –wishers,” she said.

A child activist Sakina Mohammed said that there were many other women in the foreign country going through the same suffering.

She said that they had managed to raise the issue with the labor office and little had been done leaving the woman to suffer more.

“I have managed to talk to her and she is literally in hell and we are asking the government to kindly assist in this case,” she said.

The Star/ Anthony Gitonga