Steve Mbogo is one guys we are all jealous of. I mean we envy his money, his wife okay well his whole life in general.

He has been rumored to be among the many men who have made his money through dubious means. He came to his defense saying he is a businessman and who are we to refute that?


So anyway, he posted a picture of himself sharply dressed with a caption of the three ways you can be as rich as he is. You must have guessed it right, he was standing next to his car a brand they all own in the family.

His advise to the fans was:

Work smart,
Dress well,
Make Money

Daddy Goals! Steve Mbogo Buys His Daughter A Range Rover For Her First Birthday

Imagine that’s all it takes to be as rich and successful as Steve Mbogo. If you had the ‘when I grow up I want to be like Steve Mbogo’ dream, well stop dreaming and start living.