Wanjiku Mburu
Wanjiku Mburu. Photo Credit: about.me

Wanjiku Mburu who acted on Machachari as Mama Baha has described herself as a diehard ingwe fan.

As a fan of the second most successful team, she must be aware of how it is to be angry at the team you support, especially when they are playing poorly.

Wanjiku Mburu
Wanjiku Mburu. Photo Credit: edaily

The actress recently came out with a comment about festive bread on her social media. The comment elicited reactions from some of her “fans” that should be best described as unsupportive.

Wanjiku Mburu
Wanjiku Mburu. Photo Credit: twitter

Who knew people supported bread brands so loyally. This is what she said that set of the tirade from some of her followers on Instagram.

She complained:

“Festive bread not so festive…what the hell is that thing …looks like a bearing….shame, festivebreadke you have been weighed, you have been measured and you have been found wanting…”

Festive Bread promptly responded and said:

“itswanjikumburu, we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you. We always strive to give our customers the best and we are truly sorry for this.”

But her comment did not please some of her followers who came out swinging with some very malicious jabs.

Here is what they said:

chepkiruisarah-Oooh my!!!how can you post this on social media surely!!! Thats a mistake and it doesn’t mean they do it daily… You are so unfair hiyo nikuharibia wengine biashara…nkt

dele.tefer-it is so embarrassing of you @itswanjikumburu . peoples timelines would fill up if they took to posting about your acting skills. Dear festivebreadkewrap a whole engine in a loaf if you may. you are a top brand for many other Kenyans

mike_muasya– this is not the way to raise complaints, this is just a public stunt that guys with followers think they should be treated in a special way. Use your popularity positively. You’re lucky festivebreadke are not going the legal way with you.

branson_kelvin-Peleka ata githeri TV aka citizen…hio si kitu ya ku post or you want sympathy? From who and why, when?

tonywamae-Very unprofessional of you and you’re in the marketing industry

saharianI-thought you more professional.. You just unethical.. You could have contacted them.directly.. You such a disappointment

diana_john2-Thats bad luck. Doesn’t mean you are always perfect. Doesnt mean if something goes wrong once the product is bad. Wish someone also posts all your negativities in their timeline and lets see how happy you will be

regy_wanjiru-Wow ! How about writing to them first, instead of calling them off like? They are the same people who will offer you an advert deal and you will take it… not cool at all

chef_joe.ke-I thought You are professional enough to contact them directly and explain the situation…Its a mistake and it rarely happens..I am sure you have been their customer for a longer period and not once..You cannot and I repeat you cannot do that to any brand when its accidental and you post on social media..

Manze. who knew Festive Bread had such fanatics!

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