Damn! this must be a hard one for the young talented rapper Wangechi. For those of you with the memories of goldfish, Wangechi was in an accident that claimed the life of her best friend:

More Exclusive Photos of The Wangechi Accident Scene and The Damaged Car


What am i on about? well, there is no reason to pray, I shall tell all. You see, Wangechi sat down for an interview with Kevin Oguoko and they delved into some dark aspects of her recent past and I cannot help but see the bravery in her actions. This is how the convo went:

Let us talk about the accident:

“Honestly I don’t recall much. What I remember is having dinner at my friends birthday party amd the next thing I was waking up in the hospital like I had been asleep.”

Was the accident caused by drunk driving?

“I cannot remember much about the night. I can only trace the events of the night through two people’s accounts and none has mentioned alcohol. But I do understand why people would presume there was alcohol involved considering there was a dinner party that we had come from.”

You lost your friend Tiona Wangechi in the accident. Alot has been said about her including that she had suicidal thoughts according to her instagram posts. Tell us about her from your friendship.

“I fell guilty. I knew what she was going through but never fully comprehended how deep it was. I met her online on IG when I was looking for a make-up artist six months before the accident. She as just the complete opposite of me. She was an extrovert and I like to keep to myself. We just clicked and hang out more after that. She was sweet and got along with everyone. She was the warmness in a room whenever she was around.”