It’s a privilege to have rich celebrity parents because you will eventually gain from all their benefits and if they are smart, they will get you some endorsements and you too will be rich!

Here are just but a few of them from the East African circle:

  1. Ladasha Belle

ladasha game face

Have you seen her on the diaper advert? She is already making money and she is barely 5 years old!

2. Tiffah Dangote

Okay, just by the mear fact of being the daughter of Diamond Platinumz, she is already making money and probably has a bank account hidden somewhere. She can already afford a house and a Range Rover etc!

3. Gold

Gold is basically the face of all the deals Navy Kenzo have with goods and services that are appealing to kids.

4. Keep It Real Dydda and I Am Blessed Dydda

These two are already making hits in the music industry which is bringing them a lot of money!

5. Prince Nillan Dangote

Prince Nillan's cars

You can already tell from his shoes! Looking like a boss and he is barely 2 years old! This is Diamond and Zari’s second born.