Most of the time women are the ones that get some serious cold feet and run! Then there is no wedding.

A 28 year old man,Phillip Tumwebaze from Kampala Uganda,was reported missing after he went to buy airtime just before he made his way to his wedding planmeeting. His friends and family thought he was kidnapped.

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As concerned and loving family, they reported to the police under the case of a missing person at Kisoota Police Post and investigations begun. The Saturday after his ‘kidnap’ he was found staying with his friend,Emma Otima and he had no signs of being kidnapped at all.

Sema kupeana mate! Ugandan youth engage in some mouth to mouth competition!

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Since this was a police case, Phillip and his friend, Emma ,are yet to record a statement as Phillip was handed back to his family to continue with the planning of the wedding.

Why are they forcing this young man to still get married to someone the clearly does not want? If it is Emma he wants then let him have Emma.