Popular YouTuber Shera Seven has won the hearts of many after advising women to play smart when dating.

secure the bag and keep your feelings out of it. In fact, your feelings should cost money 💰,’ she posted.

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She shared a shocking post about men, and how they move on so fast especially after losing their wives. using an example from a recent research.

‘A 2009 study published in the journal Cancer found that when a husband is diagnosed with cancer, 3% of wives will leave them. On the other hand, 21% of husbands leave their wives after the wife is diagnosed with cancer,’ she wrote.

In another post she wrote,

I used to work in a funeral home. I used to be a mortician. Men don’t care. His wife is dead and he’s already on to the next, ready for some action. Imagine laying in a casket and YOUR husband, YOUR widower is sitting there looking at another woman at YOUR funeral. And sometimes the deceased wife isn’t even that old.

Men will hit on you while their wife is in the hospital. Men will hit on you while their wife is dying. Men will hit on you while their wife is in the casket at the cemetery while soil is being thrown on the coffin.
Believe me, I promise you. Do not give these men your all, get their money. Don’t marry for love, marry for lifestyle. At least you’ll have a nice funeral.

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Her posts invited women to comment on her post and on her Never Play Fair in an Unfair World video. Below are some of the comments;

Brit D: I have a first hand experience. My aunt died and my uncle moved on with the nurse that was taking care of her. Do not feel guilty for putting yourself first ladies.

handsinface It’s true. I had a married man hitting on me will his wife was in the hospital. His soul mate hu? 😂

AS Worst thing I did was to not trust my gut, lower my standards and give people especially men the benefit of the doubt…. narcissistic men are dangerous. Not worth your compassion and understanding.

Brown Thang It happened to me. My best friend’s husband expressed his feelings for me while we stood at the foot of her gravesite. It was exactly one week after she was laid to rest.

Valerie Mathew So true. I know someone who was married for 50 years his wife died and two months ago he remarried.

Toni Smith It’s not fair that a man will take another woman out bowling or to a football game but will never take you anywhere ever. It is not fair he will send her flowers and never give you anything but lies. Mom used to tell me fair ain’t nothing but a weather condition. At some point you just have to recognize when its time to turn your back.

Angel B I worked at a wedding boutique as a tailor for almost three years and men would come in all the time and brag to their groomsmen at final fittings about all the women they hit on hours before getting married.

SSS334 I was ICU nurse for 8 years, I saw how men would flirt with me and my co-workers whilst their wives are sick and frighting for their lives. Know who you’re marrying and plan it well ladies.

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Jersey Girl This happened to me. She was my best friend. He flirted with me at the funeral reception. I couldn’t believe it!

tiacruise My dad is one of them.

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