“Wanawake ni kama matatu, moja ikipita yengine yaja” is a mantra commonly used among Kenyan men. But if the next woman comes and you don’t treat her well, she will also leave, and there you go, back to get another one.

Well, local comedian Fred Omondi seems to be among those who live by this Kenyan proverb. Barely six months after word went round that he was dating a lady by the name Wambui, their relationship is said to have hit the rocks a few weeks go.

MAFISIRESS DREAMS CRUSHED! Eric Omondi’s Brother Is Taken, Meet The Sexy Lady (PHOTOS)

Fred Omondi used to post pics of himself and the lass in bed enjoying some sweet moments, but recently, we realised that both of them had deleted each other’s pics from their social media accounts.



“The ambassador of ratchetness”, as he is referred to as by many, is said to be currently dating Willy Paul’s ex-girlfriend, whom he has been pampering so much. Anyway, we went through the Instagram of Wambui, Fred Omondi’s ex-lover, and I kid you not, she is stunning hot compared to the days she was dating the witty comedian.

MOTO KAMA PASI! Did Fred Omondi Steal Willy Paul’s Girlfriend (PHOTO EVIDENCE)

Team Mafisi, your dream has finally come true. You can now ogle at the super sexy Wambui: