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Its barely 48 hours after Nairobi Diaries reality star Pendo shared photos and videos of her engagement ring. Pendo said yes to the grand proposal by the one and only Joseph Kner, a Spanish citizen.


The proposal happened before Pendo’s friends and many are speculating that it was just a shoot for the upcoming Nairobi Diaries episodes.

Pendo engaged

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Well, Joseph Kner seems to be a household name in Kenya especially to those who visit local dating sites and popular Facebook pages. His screenshots bragging on how he couldn’t sponsor his girlfriend have surfaced, leaving him the talk of the town.

Joseph Kner

A woman identified as Ncheche Mills as exposed Pendo’s new bae, claiming that they were lovers and he promised her heaven only to learn through social media that he was engaged to someone else.

Joseph Kner I was waiting for you, then you arrive in Kenya to get engaged to someone els, not bad. You made me book flight back from Zanzibar and ended my vacation early so that we come meet in Kenya, not bad. I wish you well.

Joseph Kner

Another woman also expressed her disappointment after she the Spanish man ‘cheated’ on her

They say a man is only yours when you’re together and it seems this is Pendo’s time to spend with Joseph before drama stars. According to the man’s Facebook profile, he’s divorced and who knows, maybe he has decided to settle with Pendo forever.

Joseph’s drama omes barely six months after another ‘whiteman’ tricked Kenyan women that he was rich, single and searching. Many slid in his DM hoping to be his wife only to find out it was a hoax.

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Below are photos of Pendo’s new catch

Pendo's new bae Joseph Kner Joseph Kner