Not so long ago, decorated Congolese pastor and video producer Eric Omba grabbed the headlines for the wrong reasons. He trended for days after a story exposing his alleged infidelities was published by a local daily. Omba was married to award-winning gospel star Gloria Muliro but later on parted ways.

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The estranged husband of Gloria, later on, recollected himself and has been keeping a low profile for the past few months. It seems he has been busy focusing on his career producing music videos in addition to spreading the gospel. But the man of the cloth must have been busy with fatherly duties. Yes! You heard me right.

After parting ways with the Mapito singer, Omba swore that he was not going to marry but barely two years, he is now in a relationship with a beautiful yellow yellow woman believed to be of Congolese origin though it’s now clear whether they are married or not.

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According to our source who is a very close friend and a member of Omba’s church, the man of God has been hiding the truth from the world.

“He doesn’t want people to know that he is now in a relationship with another woman even after vowing that he would never remarry, because he really loved Gloria. So Pastor Omba preaches water and drinks wine?” the source said angrily.

Jesus take the wheel!

Well, Omba’s new lover is Bella and they were blessed with a baby girl mid last year, whom they named Eliana Omba. The name, Eliana means, “my God has answered”.

The controversial pastor is never afraid of sharing photos of his new family and we got as many as we could from his social media accounts.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Omba’s beautiful wife and baby.