It looks like age is nothing but a number when it comes to settling down or getting married nowadays.

Most women, even in Kenya, are getting married to very old men, mostly those who are tycoons or are very wealthy, in the name of love.

You can find a 27-year-old getting married to a 50-year-old man and in all cases, the man happens to have a lot of money or is a wealthy public figure.

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When settling down with someone, it’s normal for the man to be older, but not to the extent of a 15 or 20-years difference.

It however, seems like nowadays, women don’t mind if the man is very old as long as he has money and luxuries in the world and can afford a flashy lifestyle, which is a sad situation.

Well, there have been photos making rounds on social media of a young African woman, tying the knot with a very old white man, who even has a hunchback and looks 70 something years old.

The woman looks happy and thrilled about the union, but seriously, how can you settle down with a man who is twice your age?

But as they say, ‘kila nyani na starehe Zake’… if she is happy, who are we to question the age difference and her old mzungu man.