Akothee Singer

Kenya’s wealthiest singer Akothee is known for her flamboyant lifestyle, which she’s never shy to show off on social media.

The celebrated singer is a single mother of five children, and even after revealing that she was engaged and set to wed her Swiss boyfriend, the big day didn’t happen.

Akothee has 5 kids, three girls who are from the same man, and two sons, both of whom are from another mzungu she used to date years back.

In 2016, Akothee, real name, Esther Akoth would have become a mother of 7 kids, after revealing that she was expecting twins with her Swiss fiancé, but sadly, she lost her unborn babies after collapsing at a Geneva train station.Akothee is also enterprising, with a number of side hustles to bring in the money.

Akothee is also enterprising, with a number of side hustles to bring in the money.

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The singer is said to be very comfortable with being a single mum and has been able to fend for her kids over the years, with her baby daddies supporting her and visiting the family.

Basically, she’s an independent woman who doesn’t believe in men who harass women.

In regards to the news that Jackline Mwende – whose hands were chopped off by ex-husband – is pregnant, Akothee decided to give her take, on the revelation that she cheated on her husband to save the marriage.

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The sassy singer has shared a post, urging men to treat their women well, appreciate them and not use them as rugs lest they find someone who will treat them better.

According to Akothee, if a woman finds another man who treats her like a queen, that doesn’t mean she cheated.

In fact, she sees nothing wrong when a woman leaves a man who’s harassing her to be with a better man;

You treat your wife like a piece of rug, someone meets her & treat her like a queen , they start seeing each other & you call that cheating ? my friend, you are an enemy of progress! love your wife , appreciate her , give her a listening ear , support her , take her out, hata kwa canteen for a soda , before someone else’s show her the new drink in town Mr Champagne, WOMEN APPRECIATE SMALL THINGS , I love you pals good night