Great celebs cooks

Nothing excites a woman more than having a husband or boyfriend who is actually a good cook.

It’s very romantic and no woman wouldn’t mind having a chef who cooks and serves her meals in bed.

In the local showbiz industry, we have quite a number of celebrities who are great cooks though they’re not chefs by profession.

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From Rugby’s superstar Collins Injera to veteran media personality Larry Madowo, here is a list of Kenyan men who are good cooks.

  1. Collins Injera

Kenya 7’s rugby player is not only a great husband and father but also a pro when it comes to meals.

He loves cooking different types of foods and he always documents his cooking classes in on social media.

Below are some of the photos showing him doing what he loves most.

2. Oliver Mathenge

He’s a great cook and cooks for his family every Sunday.

In videos he shares almost every Sunday on social media under hashtag #Mwanaumejikoni, Mathenge displays his cooking skills just like other men who are not afraid to step into the kitchen.

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3. Dennis Ombachi

The rugby superstar is not only a pro in the pitch but also in the kitchen.

He runs a blog dubbed We Men Should Cook where he posts photos and video tutorials to teach fellow dudes how to prepare delicious meals.

In one of his blog posts, Ombachi revealed that chicken is his favorite protein.

“Chicken is my favorite source of protein and my “Maple Chicken Veggie Stir-fry” is a winner.Tender strips of chicken coated with a sweet & spicy maple stir-fry sauce paired alongside a colourful array of vegetables, delicious and addictive to the last bit.”

Have a look at some of his pics.

4. Larry Asego

He’s among the few men who don’t believe in the tradition that women should cook for their men.

The former rugby player and Classic 105 presenter is a great cook and most of the times he holds cooking competitions just to show men how to win their wives’ hearts.

Larry Asego
Larry Asego in suit

5. Dr Ofweneke

The comedian also boasts of being a great cook. He’s ever shared pics in the kitchen leaving his fans mesmerized.

Comedian Dr Ofweneke

6. Willis Raburu 

He’s a romantic man. The citizen TV presenter who recently quit the bachelors club is not only a gentleman but also a good cook. He cooks for his wife Mary.

7. Larry Madowo

He recently showcased his cooking skills by posting a video of ugali he had prepared. Larry is single and we’re sure that he’s a good cook now that he has no one to cook for him.

Larry Madowo
Larry Madowo preparing ugali

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