Before the recent Koroga festival, the last time we heard from Lady Jaydee was through her twitter, when she expressed how much she was heartbroken by her Nigerian boyfriend Spicy.

Ameachwa Kwa Mataa!!! Lady Jay Dee DUMPS Her SPICY Boyfriend Like ROTTEN Garbage

The queen of Bongo music went on a rant on social media in a message that suggested the two had broken up. We all know she is not the kind of lass that does publicity stunts when it comes to love manenos, Dee must have been in a bad mood then.

lady jay coveerr

“Ni Kweli niliamua kuondoka, nikidhani nitapendwa niendako,HAKUNA,Nilidhani nitakuta tofauti yoyote mpaka sasa sijaona”

FISI MZEE ULA PIA! The RATCHET Chic Lady Jay Dee’s Ex-Hubby Is Nyemelearing (PHOTO EVIDENCE))

Well, it seems the Yahaya hit maker and her Nigerian boyfriend are still together. The two graced Koroga festival yesterday and were looking all head over heels in love with each other.

Check them out;