Zari Hassan

Zari Hassan is laughing all the way to the bank. The mother of five, who recently parted ways with her estranged husband Diamond Platnumz, has landed a multi-million deal with a local diapers brand.

Aliwachiwa kidonda na Zari! Diamond Platnumz talks about being heartbroken

Zari traveled to Tanzania early this week and was staying at the Hyatt hotel in Dar es Salaam and yesterday she was unveiled the brand ambassador of Softcare diapers. She is the second celebrity in East Africa to become a diapers brand ambassador after Size 8.

The excited Zari took to social media to share the great news with her followers and she wrote:

“Proud to announce am an official brand Ambassador for SoftCare diapers. Diapers which understand your baby’s needs. Very absorbent, easy to press elastic band with a 3D leak prevention leaving baby feeling fresh all the time,” she wrote.

In another post, Zari advised her followers to keep their heads high and believe in themselves.

“Next time someone tells you you can’t, look them in the eye and tell them you can🤗,” read Zari’s message.


Here are the photos


Zari Hassan


Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan signing a deal with Softcare diapers


Zari Hassan
Zari Hassan in Tanzania

Although it’s not clear whether Zari met with Diamond Platnumz and his family, the Ugandan businesswoman is back to South Africa but a section of Tanzanian’s are not happy.

“I know this is gonna look bad for some people but let me be honest , how stupid Tanzanian can be , mastaa wote watanzania , watu wote watanzania hamkuona hata mmoja anae stahili kupata dili zaidi ya zari ? Ina maana uhitaji bongo umeisha mpaka tuweke watu kutoka nje ?? Kwa nini tunawapa kipa umbele wageni tunajizarau sisi ??? Mlishawahi kuona Uganda na kenya wamempa nani dili wakamuacha wa kwao ?? Eti sasa hivi mganda na mkenya wanapongezan na sisi wote tunaonekana hatukufaaa , noel you know all the Tanzania star na uko karibu hukuona anae faa ? I don’t hate zari but I hate kuona vitu wanavyo stahili kupata watanzania kapata mganda this is no good ! Hakuna nchi duniani utaenda ukaona mgeni anapewa kipa umbele zaidi ya mwenyeji , kiasi mpaka ukiwa unasuburi tax mpaka mwenye nchi apate na wewe ndio unafata ! Najua hater they gonna hate but I don’t care 🙌 hivyo ndio ninavyoona inavyo stahili !!!! UNA CHOCHOTE CHA KUCHANGIA???” Tanzanian celebrity Faiza Ally posted on social media.

Check out more reactions from Zari’s supporters:

Rashidah Ayub: Deal signed and sealed in Tanzania where assholes like hamisa and wema live… .surprisingly they can’t even seal mega million deals hahaha but a wakanda queen from UGANDA doesn’t it.hahaha child support beggers where the hell are yuh???

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Suz Ann: Mobutu Sseseko and Wema Sepatu are crying behind closed doors as if Softcare couldn’t find a Tanzanian national to represent. Akagoba kawedemu. Always on top

Jacqueline Mukisa: Success is not dependent on whether u have a man or not. Brains at work here, As they continue to call you names, there ur building yourself to greater heights. You inspire many Zarinah, God got your back n no one can change that.

Nakimuli Nancy: They will get Heartaches whenever they go in supermarkets just to see ur face on the branded pumpers😂😂😂😂