Former Miss World Kenya Cecilia Mwangi has been making the headlines for controversial reasons. She was involved in an online “fight” with her former co-wife Mwanaisha Chidzuga who claimed that she was never married to her husband Danson Mungatana. This was after Cecilia Mwangi revealed to Word Is that she had parted ways with her baby daddy through a mutual agreement.

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Since then, Cecilia Mwangi has been keeping a low profile and right now, she has something to smile about. The beauty queen is among the chosen beauties from all over the world who will join Julia Everlyn Morley, the Chairwoman of the Miss World Organisation get honored for beauty with a purpose segment that has brought a great impact across the globe; a ceremony that will be held on April 30.

Cecilia, who is popularly known for her anti-jigger campaign, revealed the great news to  SDE during a recent interview.