Money is good and can buy anything including happiness and even friends.

There is proof of that. If you doubt this, ask Samuel Abisai, the lucky man who recently won the biggest ever jackpot in Africa’s gaming history – Ksh221,301,602 million. He won the SportPesa Mega Jackpot early this month. 

Right now the newest millionaire in town who was a designer or rather a tai r, has managed to get thousands of followers on Facebook and he is currently followed by 12,310.

Last weekend, Abisai was given a grand homecoming ceremony in Kakamega County which brought business to a standstill.

Mpaka Wamama Wa Soko Walikuwa Ndani! 221 Million Jackpot Winner Welcomed Like A Hero In Kakamega (PHOTOS)

Well, the new millionaire is currently in France balling while some of us are busy ranting about the high cost of living.

Abisai jetted out of the country two days ago for France and rumour has it that he went to support Kenyan sevens team in the ongoing HSBC Sevens World Series Paris Sevens tournament. Abisai travelled alongside top Kenyan DJs Kriss Darlin and Joe Mfalme.

Ni wewe tuu umesota.

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Samuel Abisai

Samuel Abisai

Samuel Abisai Samuel Abisai Samuel Abisai Samuel Abisai