Sean Kibaki

Sean Andrew Kibaki is the grandson to Former President Mwai Kibaki…This rich kid got looks….Good looks.

But then with all these looks and many lasses salivating over him, there is only one lass that can warm his heart…Elodie Zone a popular Youtuber. But there’s something that’s a miss.

Did Kibaki’s Grandson Finally Break Down And Tell Ex Girlfriend Elodie, He Is Sorry?

Elodie publicly broke up with Sean and it seems after some months without warming each other’s cold nights, she has successfully scooped herself a man.

Zone recently posted a photo of her being romantically kissed by an identified man, after showering her with praises.

‘You Treated Me Like Garbage!!!!’ Kibaki’s Grandson SCREAMS At Ex Girlfriend Elodie Zone!

She wrote;

“Nothing is as beautiful as having someone in your life that makes you feel beautiful and appreciated. That helps you understand your value and pushes you to always do your best. Good Vibes Only is just the beginning of a life full of happiness, hard work and mad fun.”

So, is this her new man? I mean the lucky man? Or rather, is this the man replacing Kibaki’s grandson?

elodie zone