Kenyan men are said to be the most unromantic men on earth.All except a few don’t know how to treat their women. Most of them have no idea of how to relate with women and when it comes to ‘bedminton’, they are bogus. You will never want to imagine how some of them are bad especially in bed and for those who are blessed down there, Wooi!, don’t even think about what they can do to you. These types will always demand for NUNU every time you are with them and will demolish your honey pot bila huruma! He will leave you nursing bruises and then jump on another woman.

Men, if you think I’m lying, ask your wife, sister or girlfriend.


There are men from specific occupations who are known to be mean, womanizers, players, jealous and the KDF soldiers are said to be a good example. We have in the past read about stories of KDF soldiers being involved in love triangles which doesn’t end well and this has been a topic of discussion on social media for quite a while.

Utalilia KWA CHOO! Dear Kenyan Women, Date Men Who Work These Jobs At Your Own Risk

An angry Kenyan woman has come out to expose KDF soldiers claiming that they are the worst type of men to date. She said that they are very mean and stingy – yaani mkono birika.

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“Please help here…what is all this KDf guys ama si wote?…stingy to hell end even to themselves na mapenzi nikama mvua now and then bebz..darling..I want to marry you…bla..bla….all those things… asking for a colleague here…ako disappointed..”

Read a post by the agitated woman which followed by mixed reactions from her counterparts.