If you have been living under a rock, here is why the word Wamlambez is the fad.

Sailors made the sheng word a thing after their song went viral.

Now, Kiss FM’s Chito Ndlovu has highlighted why the salacious term is a “gift to Kenyans”.

“I know many people are getting offended with people shouting wamlambez everywhere in the city but, I for one am absolutely excited about it,” Chito said.

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Adding, “The words may have been birthed in a ratchet song that people secretly love but, the words WAMLAMBEZ WAMNYONYEZ have become a national treasure. It is our version of Hakuna Matata.”

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These words have brought Kenyans of different ethnic and social class together. They have fostered greater national cohesion than the hand shake between Baba and Uhunye.

Wamlambez has grown patriotism among Kenyan millennials. Young people are proud to take the phrase world wide. These words are the reason a depressed person has risen up with a smile on their face to simply yell out a big proud wamnyonyez!. Even though it’s 10 minutes of joy, people have forgotten their woes and sorrows, because of the words wamlambez wamnyonyez.

We have Kenyan stars in Hollywood like Lupita, Edi Gathegi, Mary Oyaya, Chito Ndhlovu and we also have Wamlambez Wamnyonyez.

People, this is not just a word, this is a symbol of national unity, a symbol of pride, a sign of hope, a result of Kenyan creativity but above all, it is our word not a western word but, our word.

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Let’s patent the word Wamlambez and sell it to the world with pride.

Infact, let us own this word beyond just the occasional restaurant, apartment or street yell. At a funeral let us not observe a moment of silence, let us observe a moment of WAMLAMBEZ!

Generations will forget who some of our governors, political leaders are and heck, they will forget you but, they shall never forget wamlambez WAMNYONYEZ!

Go forth into the world and preach the gospel of wamlambez wamnyonyez!

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