By now the entire country has been introduced to Cleah Adi Vybz. She is the beautiful gangster who met her demise at the hands of one of Kenya’s most efficient boys in blue, Hessy wa Kayole.

Hapana Tambua Feminism! Hessy Wa Kayole Kills SEXY Female Gangsta Like A Cockroach

As of today no one has answered the question of what happened to her husband or what happened to the rest of her gang.
Until now!

We undertook some research of our own and what we have uncovered is as intriguing as it is disturbing. The lass was killed but she wasn’t alone when she met her death. There is something poetic here -always surrounded with friends in life but left alone when death’s cold embraced reached out to hold her.

Anyway, I have since learnt that most of the comrades she used to run with in life met a fate similar to hers. But what is intriguing is that there seemed to at one point be a civil war of sorts within Gaza gang.

Clea adi vybz and bae

A source of mine tells me that Mwani at some point suspected that she was cheating on him but that is another story that we will get into later.

Anyway, this is what fell on the gang members:

hessy victims

hessy victims1