Two notorious city thugs Clinton and Macho were lynched by an angry mob last weekend in Pipeline area.

Dandora Thugs

The two who were among the gangs terrorizing Nairobians and had been given a stern warning by one of the city’s toughest cop, Hessy, but they did not listen just like many (thugs) who have decided to ignore him.

‘Very Soon Mtapata Direct Ticket To HELL!’ Tough Cop Hessy Warns These Two Dandora Notorious Criminals

Kenyans are tired of these criminals and it seems, very soon, they will eliminate them one by one to make our country a better and safe place.

“These are the guys I had talked about sometimes back but they ignored the call of change, Clinton and Macho. Last Saturday within Pipeline area at around 0600hrs, they were lynched by angry WenyeNchi. It was such a nice job and I will keep on reminding Kenyans to stay united so that we fight thESE war against thugs, jointly. Nimeamini Cha kuzama hakina rubani,” HESSY WROTE.

Why do the youth engage in crime?

Sadly, most of these thugs are aged between 18-25; they are young and energetic. But why can’t they use their energy on something constructive rather that robbing people?

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Check out the reactions from Kenyans;

Edwin: Claire aliwanzishia safari mpaka mwishe

Wanjiku: I hate seeing this!!!!! Young PEOPLE DYING. Why steal unataka kulima kwenye ukupanda kwanini?

Andrew: Raia ndio kusema! Escape police dragnet raia iko gangary!

Rachelle: Heko kwa raia, wakihata copper mawe na kiberiti iko.

Sharon: What a painful death.woishee vijanaa change

Robinson: Macho amefuata Odu?

Hellen: Who will marry me then???? I wonder

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Baba Tash: Wah….. Form ni kureform. Asiyeskia la mkuu kweli huvunjika guu.

Jeniffer: dawa ya wizi ni kifo huezi epuka kaa hutaki Ku reform…

Kuria: Let them rot in hell forever…wamejua hawajui

Abdallah: I do remember you warning them, they received their full dose.


Suzy: Waa Clinton na hiyo uhandsome yote futi sita. RIP.

Wambo: Waaa! Sikio la kufa halisikii dawa

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