Andrew Kibe

Controversial media personalities Andrew Kibe, Kamene Goro, and Xtian Dela recently had a discussion dubbed ‘Never have I ever…’

Kamene confessed to having smashed one of her colleagues but had never smashed Kibe.

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Asked if anyone has ever smashed his/her partner’s closest friend, Kibe admitted to having done it.

Have you ever worn underwear from the opposite sex?

‘I’ve worn a thong,’ Kibe revealed.

Xtian confessed that,

I wore my girlfriend’s thong and twerked for her and I’m proud it. It’s normal.

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Then came a question on if any of them had ever had an*l sex.

‘But you have done it can’t say something like that,’ Kamene told Kibe

Xtian added, ‘Yes we have.’

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