Remember Peter Mbugua? Nah? I can’t even blame you -it was probably before your time. Anyway, time for a quick history lesson.
Wambui Otieno and her beau Peter Mbugua captivated the imagination of a nation with their whirlwind romance and shotgun wedding.

Why would a simple love story captivate an entire nation? Because when Peter breathed his first (when he was born) Wambui was already 42 years old!

Wambui Otieno and Peter Mbugua during their wedding

The nation struggled to understand why a man still in yet to ascend to the prime of his life would settle down with a woman old enough to be his grandma. Could it have been that he was infact incapable of attracting a younger mate? Or perhaps the problem lay in keeping her around with his performance.
Worse still, others charged that juju was involved.

Witchcraft in Kiembeni

But when Peter spoke, he said this about his love affair with the late Wambui Otieno:

It was a decision I made deep in my heart.

However, tragically, 8 years after their nuptials, Wambui Otieno died.

My first wedding was full of controversy after the death of my wife. As a human being, life has to continue and I am very focused with my life.

He has since moved on and got married over the just concluded Easter weekend and his new bride is much closer to his age than his first. They seemed happy and when she spoke about her groom, she had this to say,

‘He is one in a million.’

Check out the proud groom and his blushing bride below:

Peter Mbugua with his new wife


Credit: Images sourced from Classic 105