Kenyan politicians

It is barely three years after Kenya held its general elections and politicians have already started gearing up for 2022.

Those in office, those who lost in previous elections and first-timers are ready and some are busy campaigning.

From attending funerals, weddings and church harambees in their respective constituencies, no one wants to be left behind come 2022.

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Well, there are veteran politicians who once dominated politics but are nowhere to be seen and heard.

Some are busy doing other things and others have been in the political cold for quite awhile.

The question is, will the gods of politics favor them if they were to run again? Will the youthful the politicians like the likes of Babu Owino, Caleb Hamisi, John Kiarie give these old folks a chance to lead the nation once again?

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From Bifwoli Wakoli to Elizabeth Ongoro, this is what your once upon a time favorite politicians are up to.

  1. Bifwoli Wakoli

Sylvester Wakoli Bifwoli a trained teacher was the comedian in the 9th and 10th parliament.

The humble leader won the Bumula parliamentary seat in 2002 in his first attempt and was re-elected in 2007.

Bifwoli Wakoli
Former Bumula MP Bifwoli Wakoli

Wakoli announced his interest in vying for the country’s presidency towards the 2013 election and promised to legalize busaa (local brew) if elected into office.

However, Wakoli later dropped the bid, and went for the Bungoma senatorial race but was trounced by Moses Wetangula.

He was referred to as a comic and one of his quotes that left Kenyans in stitches was,

Unajua sisi wabunge na shetani ni kitu kimoja. Tunafanya nyinyi wananchi mpigane lakini tukirudi huko bunge tunakula pamoja. Sasa kati yetu na nyinyi nani ako na kichwa mbaya? (We MPs and the devil have similar characteristics. We make you fight, but when we retreat to Parliament, we dine together. Now between you and us who are nutcases?)

‘Awori is a ‘ticktator’ (dictator)’, was also another phrase many knew him for.

In 2016, he told off Wetangula, who was eyeing presidency, saying,

In Bukusu culture, if a woman, especially your wife, beats you up you are done completely and cannot say anything in front of elders, “A man who wants to be President should put his house in order. I cannot support such a man even if he wants to be an MCA.

Wakoli is now a poultry farmer and runs small scale businesses back at his rural town.

The Ford Kenya politician served as an assistant minister in the ministry of lands.

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2. Kalembe Ndile

The former Kibwezi MP is a special character.

Kalembe Ndile has been lying low like an envelope only to surface last month, saying his life was in danger.

Kalembe Ndile

In December 2016, photos of Kalembe blacked out in a pub went viral, leaving many with more questions than answers.

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Kalembe’s political career seems to have died and not so long ago he was working at Mike Sonko’s bar in Kikambala Kilifi before president Uhuru came to his rescue.

The leader of Tip Tip political party which joined Jubile was appointed the managing director of Tana-Athi – Water Works Development Agency.

Kalembe served as a Tourism and Wildlife assistant minister.

He is gearing up for a top seat in Machakos come next general elections in 2022.

3. Sally Kosgei

Former Agriculture minister and Aldai Constituency member of parliament Dr. Sally Jemngetich Kosgei is not active in politics.

This is after her stint in the National Assembly of Kenya in the 2007 Kenyan parliamentary election.

In November 2017 an investigation conducted by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalism cited her name in the list of politicians, who’ve used offshore companies to shelter their wealth from public scrutiny.

Sally Kosgei

The Paradies Papers also indicated that she had purchased a real estate in London worth Sh100 million and she came out to defend herself.

Sally surfaced at retired President Moi’s burial in February this year.

4. Musa Sirma

Musa Cherutich Sirma represented the people of Eldama Ravine for two terms from 1997 -2006.

He is the former minister for East African and Regional Cooperation in Kenya.

Musa Sirma

Sirma has been in the political cold for quite a while and it’s not clear if he will be contesting for a seat come next general elections.

5. Danson Mungatana

The former Garsen MP, popularly known as “the crocodile eater” unsuccessfully vied for Tana River gubernatorial seat just like his mother-in-law Zainab Chidzuga.

Danson Mungatana

Mungatana is the husband to K24 presenter Mwanaisha Chidzuga and they have four children.

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The veteran politician has been trending for all the wrong reasons and not so long ago, he claimed he was conned 76 million by scammers (Yahoo boys).

In Apri 2019, l he was arrested by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission over graft claims. Mungatana lost his wife this year.

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6. Franklin Bett

He was elected the MP for Bureti Constituency on ODM ticket in 2007.

In 2017, Bett has who ditched ODM for Jubilee announced that he was vying for Kericho senatorial seat but lost in the party nominations.

Franklin Bett

The former minister for roads was later appointed the chairman of the Agricultural Finance Corporation (AFC) by President Uhuru.

7. Elizabeth Ongoro

The former nominated senator and Kasarani MP has gone underground.

Ongoro was elected to represent the Kasarani Constituency in the 10th parliament on an ODM ticket from 2007.

Elizabeth Ongoro

The Kasarani seat was previously dominated by hardened male politicians and Ongoro’s victory proved that women are just as powerful as men.

In 2012, she was denied a clearance certificate to vie for the Nairobi County senatorial seat. Bishop Margaret Wanjiru was instead given ODM ticket to run but was beaten by Mike Sonko.

8. Omingo Magara

James Omingo Magara unsuccessfully vied for the Kisii senatorial seat in 2013. He came far 3rd as Chris Obure carried the day.

Omingo Magara

He represented the people of South Mugirango for three terms from 2001 (when his brother who was the MP died in a car accident) to 2007 (after the High Court declared the seat vacant in December 2009 due to irregularities in the election).

He is a dairy cattle farmer.

9. Omar Hassan

Former senator Omar Hassan Human Rights Activist lost the Mombasa gubernatorial seat to Ali Hassan Joho.

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Omar had filed the petition challenging the victory of Joho on the August 8 polls citing irregularities. But he later withdrew the suit against the stylish governor.

 Omar Hassan

Omar has not been active in politics. He’s busy concentrating on activism.

10. Paul Otuoma

The former Funyula MP in 2017 vied for the Busia gubernatorial seat but lost to his rival Sospeter Ojamoong.

 Paul Otuoma

He’s still indirectly involved in politics.

11. Geoffrey Majiwa

Former Nairobi Mayor Geoffrey Majiwa has been very silent.

Geoffrey Majiwa

In 2010 Majiwa was charged over the cemetery land purchase saga and in 2010 was acquitted of conspiracy to defraud the City Council of Sh283 million.

Majiwa is no longer in the public eye and little is known about his whereabouts.

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12. Zainab Chidzuga

The one-time Kwale county Woman Representative is the mother to K24 presenter Mwanaisha Chidzuga.

Zainab Chidzuga

She ditched ODM for Jubilee but lost while seeking re-election to Zuleikha Juma in the 2017 general elections.

Ever since she lost, she has been keeping a low profile.