Kenyan Socialite
Kenyan Socialite

Kenyan showbiz industry is full of socialites who make life entertaining. From A-listers such as Vera Sidika, Huddah Monroe to Nairobi D’s socialites, these women have taken the local showbiz to a whole new ratchet level.

We have seen many come and go and only a few have managed to stay. Meaning the socialites’ industry is not for the faint-hearted. The weak ones, who can be compared to moto wa kuwasha gazeti, succumb to pressure so easily.

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Well, there are quite a number of socialites who went mute and we hope they will be back with a bang come next year.

From Vanessa Chettle to Kayole’s finest Capri Apantambua, here are the socialites who’ve gone missing in action.

  1. Kaluki Sandra

Last time we checked she was a mnother of one and is no longer a socialtie.

Kaluki Sandra
Kaluki Sandra

2. Pesh Lema – She’s cooling her heels at a prison in Accra Ghana.


Pesh Lema

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3. Vanessa Chettle

She is a mother of two.


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4. Judy Jay

Judy, who attempted to become an actress at Nairobi Diaries and failed terribly has now resorted to selling skin lightening creams and posting semi nudes ohotos on social media.

Judy Jay

5. Capri Apantambua

The Kayole socialite is no longer in the limelight. Aliisha kama kamisi.

Capri Apantambua

6. Toxic – She finally got married to a white man and stays abroad.

7. Julie Marjorie

During her heydays, she dated a now washed-up politician who used to shower her with stacks of cash but after parting ways, she moved on with a popular footballer who has faded into insignificance.

Julie is a waitress at B-Club

Julie Minage

8. Ellah  Wanjiru 

She featured in Nairobi Diaries and was a panelist at Ebru Tv’s Let’s Talk show before vanishing. She’s active on social media.

Ella Wanjiru

9. Maggy Shiko

Just like her counterparts, she has turned into an Instagram model and not much about her current luife is known.