Out of sight out of mind is the adage for some Kenyan artists. They are no longer heard from as they no longer sing consistently like they used to.

Some rocked our days back in high school and below is a list of artistsĀ  we refer to as waliovuma.

1. Marya

She is well known for collaborating on the song ‘Tumekuja Chokoza’ along side Avril.

She has now settled into playing the role of a mother and a wife and is not seen much in the music scene.

2. Vinnie Banton

Best known for the hit song ‘Githurai’.

The song which was released 10 years ago is still a club banger but no other song by the artist marched its hype.

3. Pilipili

Pilipili was best known for songs such as ‘Ukimwona’, ‘Kamata dame’ among others. He is no longer in the public eye.

4. Choku

Choku was a female Kenyan artiste who was best known during the era of genge.

She is no longer much in the music scene.

5. Matonya

He is best known for the song ‘Anita’ . He is not as pronounced in the music as he was years ago.

6. Flexx

He captured many with his jam ‘Nyundo’ yangu which he sang alongside Juacali. Nothing much is heard from him.

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7. Jimwat

For kids born in the 90’s Jimwat was a shining star. He is best known for the hit song ‘Under 18.’.

8. Czars

The Mombasa based artist captivated the hearts of Kenyans with his jam ‘Amka Ukatike.’

He mysteriously disappeared in 2006 and has not been heard from since.

9. TID

TID came into the limelight song for his song ‘Zeze’, back in the 90′ and early 2000’s he was among the promising artists but that is gone with the wind.

10. Mr Nice

Tanzanian artist Mr Nice came into the limelight with the song ‘Fagilia’ At some point he got involved in drugs and his music career took a nose dive.


Who was your favourite?

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