People suffering from HIV positive have been facing stigmatization for so many years now.

The situation hasn’t changed though, until now infected victims are still being looked down on by others its even hard coming out publicly about one’s HIV status.


The woman in the above picture Doreen Moraa Moracha, was recently a victim of bullying just because of her HIV status.

An unknown stranger had this nasty words to say to her ;

Peter Atieno Odega wrote, “Wewe nawe  na hii ukimwi yako, ama imeharibu mpaka akili.”

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Doreen Moraa fought back and responded to the insults saying:

”Wtf n**** akili yangu imeharibika wapi if you have nothing constructive to say f**** off!! What does my HIV status have to do with a simple post can’t I post anything that doesn’t get judged coz I’m HIV positive stay away from my page I’m not crazy I’m HIV positive. got it?”

Fans on her Facebook page came to Doreen’s defense have a look at some of their comments;

Beckie Nyamoita: Ashindwe pepo nyeusi

Evansie Odhz: Being HIV is not a crime…. Huyo jamaa amekosa…. Its unacceptable…

Vivian KeilahStupid man. Infact his head is invaded by the porridge his mama gave him…don’t blame him blame his lineage…ata heri angezaliwa sufuria angekua useful shenzi sana…dont mind such people and never let them destroy your happiness. You are a blessing to many and we love you soo much dia.

Lilian BisongaIgnorance is a bad disease I wonder if he even knows his status… Am mad too

Albert NyandoroPeter Otieno you are an idiot. Infact a big one. You cannot reverse the gains this beautiful strong woman has made…just concentrate with your life.