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The big day for the Popes arrival is finally here as he’s set to land at JKIA at 5 pm and head to State House for a welcome ceremony and courtesy call with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Now that the Pope is going to be in the country for a 3-day tour, we think that it’s very important that he should not meet up a few gospel celebrities who have been linked to scandals.

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Some of the gospel artists are those who are mostly living in sin or have been through scandals which we do not expect from them as Christians, to be involved in.

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Here are 5 gospel artists that should not go near Pope Francis while in Nairobi.

1. Willy Paul
I’m sure you all knew I was starting this list with him, for obvious reasons. The young artist has been marred by various scandals and controversies which have given him a bad public image. Some of them include; impregnating a girl then ordering her to abort, denying his biological mother, stealing singer Bahati’s songs, drinking alcohol and more.