Weezdom and girlfriend

Former gospel artiste Weezdom is dating city lass Staicey. The two have been dating for close to 8 months now.


In February this year, Weezdom revealed that he snatched her from her boyfriend after he was called to their house to solve a case.

‘So this is how I met my better half. She had a fight with her boyfriend and they called me to re-unite them. That is how I met with my wife,’ he said.

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Kenyans on Instagram trolled the couple saying they won’t last. ‘Mtaachana tu and it will end in premium tears’ were some of the comments on the couple’s photos.


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Staicey has responded to ‘kamati ya roho chafu’, saying they are meant for each other and are planning to walk down the aisle.

Wale wa it will end in premium tears😂 It will end in Ruracio, Marriage and Healthy Kids😉
Tears will come from you after missing a plate of food at my wedding🤣🤣

Weezdom and Staicey

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