There is a saying from my land that goes like “alcohol knows no teacher”. I don’t think I really knew its meaning until now. Not that I am ignorant or anything, it’s just that I had never witnessed a case study. But it seems like I’ve got one already!!

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However, I never imagined that my case study would come from an unlikely source. Musalia Mudavadi. Yes, you heard me right. The presidential hopeful and former deputy Prime Minister is my case study.

In this piece though, I am not being judgemental. Also, I am NOT certain whether the Amani National Congress leader was actually drunk. That’s why I am saying that Musalia Mudavadi is just but part of my case study.

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But going by his speech in this particular video; the incoherency in his talk and the body language, gives me a strong case to study. If indeed Musalia had taken one too many in this specific case, then my ancestors were right. For sure the brew knows no teacher.