Ethic music group leader Swat aka Mtoto wa Eunice has for the first time spoken out after he was nearly burnt alive.

SWAT aka Mtoto wa Eunice

SWAT was in the company a friend when they were almost lynched. A video of the two surrounded by a mob pleading for forgiveness went viral over the weekend.

Rumours went viral that Swat and his friend were caught stealing, but Ethic came out to rubbish the claims. In a statement they shared on Twitter, their manager said Swat and a couple of friends were trying to avoid getting arrested by police who were on patrol.

Police were doing raids in Umoja, carrying young people who were out and about, so when kina SWAT saw cops coming at them they ran away and entered an unknown plot. So the people in the plot thought they were thieves and started flogging them. Luckily the police intervened after a short while. And he was set free since they were innocent.

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SWAT, whose real name Boniface Mwangi, has spoken out for the first time after the video went viral.

He shared a photo and captioned it:

Wakizidi kubonga tunazidi kusonga. Bro’s strong. (While they’re busy talking, we’re soldiering on. 

SWAT aka Mtoto wa Eunice
SWAT aka Mtoto wa Eunice

Ethic group is known for hits such as Lamba Lolo and Position.

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