Churchill comedian Wakimani has said that he is learning to forgive himself and the people who wronged him in the past as part of his recovery process.

According to Wakimani he just wants to live his life afresh. He has been battling depression for so long and forgiving himself is one step to healing.

Speaking during an interview on Jalango TV, the comedian narrated,

‘Not getting shows as I would have wanted is what left me depressed.

I was the one taking care of my siblings given that we are orphans. So having bills to pay and having a very low income started affecting me.

It was also after Ayeiya’s death and I felt like people were not understanding me.’

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Wakimani added that with time his drinking habits were out of control and before long he couldn’t control it

‘I used to drink and it was controlled. I used to have fans who would buy me alcohol just so that we could take photos for social media.

But it reached a place where I became an alcoholic. I also had anger issues because of the family I grew up in.

My dad was a military man and all he did was teach us how to defend ourselves, when other parents were teaching their kids how to swim.’


‘One day I was drunk and I beat up someone so badly that I was picked up the next day not knowing the man I had beaten was a police officer.

I only learnt that when I met him at the OB. Hes there waiting for me.

I am learning to forgive myself and the people who have wronged me.’ He said.

He has since gone to rehab and is going through therapy, we wish him all the best.

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