Justice James Wakiaga became the toast of the town yesterday when he called Joe Irungu, Jacque Maribe’s fiance a woman eater and a slay queen.

Jacque Maribe and Jowie
Huyu ni slay queen?

The comment brought out a series of guffaws over the internet. But one thing that many might have been underlooked in the judge’s comments was his statement concerning the state of Jacque and Jowie’s relationship.

Jacque Maribe and Joe Irungu
Jacque and Jowie

A bombshell that was overlooked for the more meaty and eye-catching headline of Jowie being one with the Huddah’s and Vera’s of this world. He read:

He is single but was in a relationship with the 2nd accused who he intended to introduce to his family having been in previous relationship one M.K. who resides in Buruburu which relationship could not be sustained since he was out of the country.


He continued:

He [Jowie] confirmed knowing the brother of the deceased who was his college mate at Kenya Polytechnic and confirmed not having any suicidal thoughts. Her [Monicah’s] brother blames himself for connecting her with the 1st accused person [Jowie]. They oppose the accused being released on bond.

Joseph Kuria Irungu
Joseph Kuria Irungu aka Jowie showing his medical wound

Let us all not forget the much-publicized event that was Jacque’s engagement party. Jowie and Jacque’s friends did not miss a beat as Kidum serenaded her with his popular “Mapenzi” song. Jowie completed the surprise engagement by bending the knee and proposing to the Jacque.

Jowie proposing to Jacque Maribe
During their engagement

While their engagement party went viral with many ladies(and men) going bonkers about it, their split has been as silent as a fart in a hurricane.

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