King Kaka

King Kaka has left Kenyans shellshocked after releasing a new jam Wajinga Nyinyi.

In the new track, the rapper addresses the problems facing the country among them corruption, bad economy, poor healthcare services, poor living conditions among others.

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He also took a jibe at controversial pastors the likes of pastor James Ng’ang’a and greedy politicians who eat taxpayers money.

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In his lyrics he says,

Sisi ni vipofu na viziwi
na tunajua translator wetu ashadie.

2022 already si mnajua nani ni president

si mnajua nyinyi voters ndio washenzi

Kwani hamjui mdomo yangu ilbatizwa na wakongwe

Nashangaa mbona akili zenu time ya kura zinajaanga shonde

piga tuu kura na utalala bila kula [We are deaf and dumb. You already know who will be the president will come 2022. Voters are the dumbest and I wonder why your brains become full of shit. Just vote and later sleep hungry].

He went ahead to give examples of news that shocked the country this year among them the tragic death of Mariam Kighenda and her daughter at the Indian Ocean, MCSK paying artistes peanuts and Huduma Number saying ‘issa scam’.

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In the lyrics, King Kaka says that every day he sleeps he always dreams that taxes will be reduced.

Wasipandishe tax 

hizo ndio dreams me huwa nazyo nikituna

what are we really doing as a country sa zile tunachuja miguna.

Addressing politicians, he said,

Welcome to our country where politicians wana ujinga za kila aina

Economy imekuwa hard hakuna kitu ya kuteremsha chai nayo

Karibu to Kenya republic of China.

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The rapper signs off by questioning the Jubilee government on the promises they made during campaigns.

Where are the jobs? stadiums you promised in your manifesto?

Hata kama tuko na Kenyatta…strongly feel hatujapata Uhuru.

Here is the video of the song