Kenyan comedian Fred Omondi has in an exclusive interview with Mpasho said that he is waiting for Deputy President William Ruto to sponsor his grand wedding.

According to Fred, if the deputy president gave him some cash he would immediately get married.

‘I am trying to wait for the money deputy President Wiliam Ruto contributes during harambees to get to me. If he gave me  just Ksh 200K I would do a wedding.

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Fred Omondi

I love the way he has a giving heart, there is no time he is never giving. You are the one keeping me just cough so that I can wed,’ Fred Said

Asked whether he has ever been dumped before, Fred said,

I was dumped by a woman because I was too social with ladies during my events. However, in all my past relationships we have always parted amicably because I do not like kucatch feelings.

Fred Omondi and his brother Eric Omondi on stage

Holding to anger can derail someone. so I give you some time to calm down and if you want to be friends with me than I maintain our friendship.

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